#Defund DAPL

Last updated on 12/14/16

Opposition to the Dakota Access Pipeline has sprouted a divestment campaign targeting the pipeline’s major creditors.  Divestment is the opposite of investment.  When an institution divests, it sells off any financial stakes it has in a company or industry and avoids funding harmful activities.

It is a critical moment in this fight against the pipeline. The Army’s decision to deny the final easement to the pipeline company until further review was a tremendous victory, but it is a temporary one. With the pro-pipeline politics of the forthcoming Trump administration, the struggle to protect the Missouri River, the Standing Rock Sioux tribe’s drinking water and Indigenous sovereignty needs to continue — and working for divestment is perhaps the most effective means available.

For an overview of Dakota Access Pipeline investors, click here.

Here in Mendocino County, three major DAPL creditors have bank branches: